Underfloor Heating

Safe-t-WIRE and Safe-t-SCREED; solutions for underfloor warmth

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Safe-t-WIRE Ultra-Thin Underfloor Cables 

This cable comes in a coil complete with a cold tail — the conductive cable that runs from the thermostat to the heating element — so it's ready to install. All that’s needed is some ducting/insulation tape, and a can of spray-adhesive to secure the tape in place. The Safe-t-WIRE UT Cable diameter is only 2.0mm, making this a smart choice for the renovator, or when floor height needs to be kept to a minimum.


  • No need to trim lower door-edges or skirting boards 

  • No screed or self-level compounds necessary


Underfloor Heating with Safe-t-SCREED Cables

This in-screed cable is designed for use in newly tiled areas such as bathrooms, where a sand-cement screed is applied before tiling. The heating element is simply laid out, and using plastic cable ties, is attached to a light, galvanised mesh positioned on the concrete sub-floor. Since this is a dual core cable, there is a cold tail at just one end, ensuring a quick and easy installation.

Safe-t-SCREED cables range from 250 to 3000W, and a single wire can heat any room up to 24m². For larger areas, we can simply combine cables.

This heating solution can be used underneath almost any floor surface, not just tiles. We also install it with great results under timber, carpet, linoleum, and glued parquet. Your feet will be warm in no time! 


Carbon Film Floor Underlay 

Safe-t-FLEX carbon film is a thin electrical heating foil which is ideal for laying underneath new or existing carpet, wood, or under floating laminate flooring. 

The 100m-long rolls come in 400 and 530mm widths, and are designed in a strip pattern which can be cut every centimetre, allowing exact fitting to any floor area. At just 0.3mm high, the foil is very easy to install, and does not affect the height of flooring cover. The dry-laying method also means that there is no need for messy glue or screed.


  • Allergen free 

  • Improves energy efficiency

  • Programmable thermostat and controls can be operated via handheld device or smartphone app

  • Environmentally friendly; halogen free, PVC free, and lead free

  • Virtually impervious to perforation damage from nails and drills. The robust design ensures a long life, and makes Safe-t-FLEX a reliable radiant floor heating system 

Safe-t-FLEX carbon film floor underlay comes with a 10-year warranty.


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