Radiant Ceiling

Ceiling heating options include carbon-film elements, radiant heaters, and warming panels.

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Safe-t-FLEX Heating Foil

This Safe-t-FLEX carbon film system uses low-temperature elements installed in the ceiling for natural, comfortable warmth. It runs at a low cost by using plenty of insulation, as well as a sensitive room thermostat and timer, ensuring that power is only used when required.​


Unlike other systems which circulate the air by generating convection currents, Safe-t-FLEX gently heats a room by radiating warmth, and does not dry out the air. Although most indoor areas contain millions of dust particles, this system operates with low surface temperatures so no hot spots are created for dust to settle and dry out. This means that the air feels fresher, and dust-distributing air currents are eliminated.

For warehouses and other places where there is a high amount of ventilation, this system is not recommended. The solution for these areas may be the ceiling-mounted Safe-t-CASSETTE — see below.

CBS is very experienced in this field and you can completely rely on us to match you with the product you need.

Radiant Ceiling Heating Panels

The newest generation of the well-known radiant ceiling heater is the Safe-t-CASSETTE. This system consists of an element sealed in steel casing and finished with either a smooth satin or textured surface.

The Safe-t-CASSETTE can be used in difficult-to-heat areas such as agricultural kennels, stables, and other farm buildings; as well as offices, shops, storage areas, hospitals, warehouses, and other industrial buildings. It is especially effective at providing localised heat.

Design features:

  • Easily installed onto surface mounting, or a hanging suspension system.

  • Comes in two sizes — 600x600mm, 300W; and 600x1200mm, 600W

  • Option of both manual and thermostat controls

  • Space saving (no loss of wall or floor area)

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Ecosun® SB High-Output Radiant Ceiling Heaters

Ecosun® SB panels are a new, high-output type of radiant ceiling heating panel which boast rapid heat-recovery, no maintenance obligations, and allergen-free warmth.

These panels are suitable for use in large work areas, such as commercial and industrial buildings, and places which are traditionally more-difficult to heat. They are ideal for localised heating above a workstation, and are specifically designed for high level mounting. Ecosun® heaters can be affixed with hidden brackets, or suspended. Other possible applications include shops, gyms, agricultural buildings, and alfresco dining areas and cafes. Their power range is from 900 to 3600 Watts.

Ecosun® SB panels are very popular in yoga studios and other sport spaces. Because they have a surface temperature of up to 300°C, these heaters must be installed on at least three-metres above the floor.

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CBS ​Panel Heaters in
Glass and Marble

CBS marble and glass radiant (GR) panels are wall heaters made from 12mm thick marble or tempered safety glass, with an integrated heating element, a limiting thermostat, and a single lead-in cable.


Glass is a very aesthetic decorative element and may therefore be used in houses, reception areas, halls, or modern offices, where panels can be affixed to a wall. For the heating of bathrooms, 'GRT' panels — equipped with a chrome towel rail — may be used.

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