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Infrared Heating Sydney – CBS Heating is Here to Help Homeowners Warm Their Houses Through Infrared Heaters Sydney

Infrared heating is a type of heating that works by emitting infrared radiation, which heats objects and surfaces in a room rather than heating the air. Infrared heating Sydney heaters use the same technology as the sun to provide heat and warmth to a space.

Infrared Heating Sydney

Infrared heating Sydney can be a great option for homeowners in Sydney who want to warm their houses because it has several benefits, including:

Infrared Heaters Sydney

1.      Infrared Heating Sydney is Energy efficiency

Infrared heating Sydney heaters are more energy-efficient than traditional heating methods because they only heat the objects and surfaces in a room rather than the air. This means that less energy is wasted, making it a more cost-effective heating solution.

2.      Comfort

Infrared heating provides a comfortable and natural warmth that is similar to the warmth of the sun. The heat is distributed evenly and does not cause any air currents or drafts, making it a more pleasant heating option.

3.      Health benefits

Infrared heating does not dry out the air, which can be beneficial for people with respiratory issues. It also does not produce any harmful emissions or pollutants, making it a safer heating option.

4.      Convenience

Infrared heaters are easy to install and are maintenance-free. Say goodbye to tiresome radiator bleeding and the burden of pesky annual boiler maintenance costs. All that it needs is a quick wipe with a cloth every so often.

They can also be portable, making them a flexible heating option for different rooms in the home.

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Infrared Heaters Sydney

Infrared heaters Sydney systems can be used as the primary source of heating or as a supplementary heating option. It can be installed in different areas of the home, such as the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or even outdoors on a patio or deck.

Overall, infrared heaters can be a great option for homeowners in Sydney who want a cost-effective, comfortable, and healthy way to warm their houses.

Infrared heaters can be installed in different areas of the home or building, such as the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or even outdoors, on a patio or deck. So, in short, you can say that Infrared heaters add cost to basic heating needs.

Is Infrared Radiation Harmful to Humans and Pets in a Home?

Infrared radiation emitted by infrared heating systems is safe for humans, kids and pets. Infrared radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation that is present in natural sunlight and is also emitted by common household appliances such as TVs and computer monitors. Infrared heaters are designed to emit low levels of infrared radiation, which are not harmful to humans or pets.

Old homes in Sydney may still have old-fashioned heating radiators that release around a third of their warmth as radiation. Infrared heat gently warms people and objects in its path. So this heating radiation feels natural and soothing, just like sunlight on a good sunny day. Instead of heating air, infrared heaters deposit heat in physical objects directly. This way, you can minimise energy wastage and thus can save hundreds of bucks every month by reducing your energy bills.

Infrared Heaters Sydney - Best for People with Asthma

Infrared heaters offer many unique benefits that other forms of heaters form of heating cannot boast. Unlike your typical convection heaters, they don’t disturb the air. This means that they do not disturb the dust particles either. This is helpful for people with asthma or other allergies. If you are looking for the best infrared heaters Sydney, CBS heating has got you covered. We have a wide range of options available and can provide you with the best one according to your needs and preferences.

Neat and Clean Home with Infrared Heaters

It's also a neat way of keeping homes cleaner for everyone. Infrared heaters not only heat you directly but the surrounding walls, ceiling and floor as well. It sinks deep into the bricks and mortar of your home, helping to prevent mould and condensation by keeping walls warm. Condensation forms when warm air hits a cold surface, and by removing that cold surface, the potential for mould is greatly reduced.

Infrared Heating Last Longer than Convection Heating

Infrared heating doesn’t just stay locked into your walls either; it re-radiates back into your room. This creates 360-degree heating. This scenario is great for spaces that struggle to retain warmth as heat won’t be lost easily to any draughts.

Does Infrared Heating Cost you a Fortune?

Whilst the way it works certainly sounds like a form of futuristic magic, infrared heating doesn’t come with the hefty upfront cost that you might expect. It is available with a range of features that actively help to reduce running costs, and infrared heaters in Sydney are affordable for everyone.

Control your Infrared Heater with WiFi 24/7

The good thing is that CBS Heating offers infrared heating solutions that you can control through a tip by using your phone. You can control the carbon film heating panels via WiFi and can set a different temperature for different times of the day. For example, you can program them for a specific temperature before when you come from work, can lower the temperature at a specific time etc.

No need to worry about turning it on or off during your Holiday, as you can turn Infrared Heater ON or OFF using your phone. This ability not only help reduce the cost of heating but also is convenient for you as well.

Digital Thermostats

 We at CBS Heating offer state-of-the-art Infrared Heaters that include digital thermostats. These thermostats are efficient in helping you make sure every inch of your home is properly heated. Underheating or overheating is a thing of the past with our Infrared Heaters. Our heating solutions for Sydney residents are not only beneficial for end users but also bring positive impacts by reducing waste.

Buy 100% Efficient Infrared Heaters in Sydney

Our infrared heating elements are 100% efficient. Powered by electricity, our carbon-film heating elements convert a bit of energy taken from your mains into usable heat. There’s no wastage or loss of heating through pipes, boiler, combustion or ducting; infrared heating is a direct process that keeps wastage to a minimum. The good thing is that when you pair your infrared heater with renewable electricity via a green energy provider, this zero-waste process is extended right to the original source of your electricity.

Infrared Heating Sydney
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