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In-Slab Heating

 Safe-t-SLAB cables to heat concrete floors.

In-Slab Heating
Floor Heating Slab

Safe-t-SLAB Cables

The in-slab underfloor system consists of a heating cable affixed to the top layer of steel reinforcing mesh before concrete is poured — where it then makes up a part of the slab. The cables heat up the concrete, creating a thermal mass which stores the energy and is slowly released overnight.

The heating system runs during off-peak hours and stores energy (heat) which is used during peak hours to top up the temperature when it is needed. This battery-like feature of the thermal mass helps to manage energy costs, and maximises the system efficiency. 

Our Safe-t-SLAB system consists of a twin-conductor cable (6mm diameter) supplied on a drum coil, with a cold tail at one end. This facilitates quicker installation, as the other end of the cable isn’t required to come back to the connection point. The cable is easily attached directly to the steel mesh using electrical cable ties at 600mm intervals. 

This heating system is also designed to prevent 'frost heave' in the concrete floors of cold stores — the  undesirable consequence of condensation freezing, which can crack a concrete floor. Specifications for installation depend on the cool-room temperature range.

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Heating for cold floors
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