Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating: Safe-t-WIRE and Safe-t-SCREED

The New Range of Safe-t-WIRE Ultra Thin and Safe-t-SCREED Dual Core Cable offer you the choice of a single or a twin conductor cable, see the Underfloor Heating Selection page for more information.

Safe-t-WIRE Heating Cable: Underfloor Heating

safe-t-WIRE being installed underfloor in residential Melbourne

Our underfloor heating Safe-t-WIRE UT Cable comes in a coil complete with cold tail ready to install. All you will need for the job is a roll of Ducting Tape and an Aerosol Canister of contact adhesive to secure the ducting tape in place. The cable diameter of only 2.0mm makes this an automatic choice for the renovator, where keeping floor height to a minimum is desirable.

Cost benefits: no cutting lower door edges or skirting boards. No screed or self level compounds required.

Safe-t-MAT: Under Tile Heating

safe-t-SCREED rolls

Safe-t-SCREED underfloor heating is an in-screed heating solution designed for use in new bathrooms and tiled areas where a sand cement screed is being used prior to tiling. Suitable for new construction areas, this in-screed heating element is simply laid out by using plastic cable ties to attach the cable to a light galvanised mesh positioned on the concrete sub floor. Being a dual core cable, there is only one cold tail at one end. This facilitates a quicker hassle-free installation.

Our range from 250 W to 3000 W are capable of giving Underfloor Heating / Under Tile Heating to any room from 2 m2 to 24 m2 (combined cables are used for larger areas). Follow the simple instructions on our "How to select" page.

Our underfloor heating solutions can be used underneath most floor surfaces, including:

  • Tile
  • Carpet
  • Lino
  • Wood