Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Floor Heating: Safe-t-FLEX Heating Foil

Safe-t-FLEX: Radiant floor heating

Safe-t-FLEX cabron film heating roll

Safe-t-FLEX: The ultimate radiant floor heating solution and underfloor heating technology.

Radiant Floor Heating is the new, easy, way to install comfortable underfloor heating. Safe-t-FLEX is a new type of thin electric heating foil - just 0.3 mm - with a unique design that makes it very easy to install. The thermal conductive carbon ink material, is designed in a parallel strip pattern to enable the foil to be cut every ten mm, this allows exact fitting of the floor area. Safe-t-FLEX comes in roll widths of 400 mm and 530 mm.

The radiant floor heating foil is dispatched in a roll ready for "on site cutting to size", slim crimp connectors are used for attaching the wires. The Safe-t-FLEX foil is then connected to your 240-volt supply and controlled by a thermostat with a remote probe.

Radiant floor heating

Safe-t-FLEX radiant floor heating: A good choice for your home

Safe-t-FLEX is a reliable product that heats well over two million square metres of flooring around Europe. In addition, the heating foil offers environmental advantages, being halogen free; it is completely free from PVC and lead.

Ideal for new buildings and renovation

Safe-t-FLEX is ideal for new buildings as the radiant floor heating foil can be laid directly on the floor surface or preferably on 3-6mm foam underlay. This creates a buffer to "Heat Sink" resulting in lower operating costs compared to conventional floor heating systems. Positioning of the heating foil is extremely easy as you use a "dry" method for laying, (No Glue or Screed). Safe-t-FLEX is also the perfect solution for renovation work as the 0.3 mm thick foil does not affect the installation height. Safe-t-FLEX foil is designed to be the perfect comfort heating solution to potentially cold fastened wood or floating laminate floors.

Ideal for installing under timber floors

Safe-t-FLEX is supplied in 400 mm wide rolls up to 100 m in length and is approximately 0.3 mm thick. This means that it will fit between fixed battens. It can be installed with insulation to provide direct contact between the foil and the floor, or installed with an air gap. Safe-t-FLEX can also be installed under tongue and groove timber flooring nailed to plywood and under floating timber laminate flooring.

Radiant floor heating: Batten Fixed Floor #1

A side view of how the Safe-t-FLEX carbon film is placed under a fixed batten timber floor

Radiant Floor Heating installation: Batten Fixed Floor #2

Wiring up the power to the Safe-t-FLEX carbon film

Radiant floor heating: Tongue and Groove Floor Nailed to Plywood

A side view of how the Safe-t-FLEX carbon film is placed under plywood base tongue-and-groove timber floor

Radiant floor heating: Floating Floor With Foam Underlay Insulation

A side view of how the Safe-t-FLEX carbon film is placed under a floating timber floor with insulation

Ideal for Existing Suspended Wooden Floors

Safe-t-FLEX can be installed under existing joist supported wooden floors (providing access is available). The foils can be staple along their vacant edge directly to the boards. Styrofoam boards cut to match the gap can be offered into place behind the Safe-t-FLEX radiant floor heating foil (see adjoining diagram). The benefits of using Safe-t-FLEX in this situation are:

  1. Enjoy the ultimate comfort of allergen free floor heating.
  2. Improve building energy efficiency by insulating under the floor.
  3. Digital Controls provide accurate temperate monitoring via floor probes.
  4. Programmed operation to suit your lifestyle.
Radiant floor heating: Safe-t-FLEX applied to existing Joist Supported Floor

A side view of how the Safe-t-FLEX carbon film is placed under a joist supported timber floor

Radiant floor heating foil with more lives than a cat and a 10 year warranty.

Mechanical damage in the form of perforation is frequently the number one enemy of radiant floor heating. This does not apply to Safe-t-FLEX. Due to the unique design of the heating foil, it is virtually insensitive to mechanical damage, for example, nails and drill holes. If an accident should happen and you make a hole in the heating foil, only a small heating loss occurs - which your feet will never notice. The robust design gives a long service life and makes Safe-t-FLEX a very reliable radiant floor heating system. Proof of this is the 10 years warranty.