Radiant Ceiling Heating

Radiant Ceiling Heating: Safe-t-FLEX Heating Foil

Safe-t-FLEX radiant ceiling heating carbon film installation

Residential underfloor deployment of Safe-T-FLEX in Sydney

Safe-t-FLEX: The ultimate allergen free radiant ceiling heating solution.

Using radiant ceiling heating, you can now experience allergen free heating in any building without the inconvenience, costs and unsightly service requirements of conventional heating systems.

The Safe-t-FLEX radiant ceiling heating system uses low temperature carbon film elements installed in the ceiling to give you natural, comfortable indoor warmth at low cost.

Safe-t-FLEX, unlike other systems, which heat and circulate the air by convection currents, uses a similar action to the sun to gently warm the surfaces, objects and the occupants of a room.

Safe-t-FLEX radiant ceiling heating offers many advantages over more conventional types of heating.

  • No unsightly pipes, chimneys, appliances, vents or fuel storage tanks to complicate installation and take up valuable wall and floor space.
  • No hot air ducts, hot surfaces, or risk of burns to children and the elderly.
  • No unhealthy nitrogen dioxide emissions or fatigue due to lack of oxygen normally associated with portable gas heaters.
Safe radiant ceiling heating: Provides ideal heating

Safe-t-FLEX: A far superior to other heating systems (such as radiators) and provides ideal temperatures from the floor upwards.

The flexibility of the system makes it easy, quick and economical to install by approved installers. It is equally suitable for new or refurbishment projects. Works just as efficiently for small rooms as it does for office buildings, shops or nursing homes.

Safe-t-FLEX radiant ceiling heating systems do not dry out the air. Most rooms contain millions of dust particles. Safe-t-FLEX heating systems operate with low surface temperatures, therefore no hot spots are created for dust to settle and dry out. The air feels fresher and warm air currents, which distribute dust, are eliminated.

Safe-t-FLEX also saves on energy costs by using high insulation levels and the latest control equipment ensuring economic running costs are achieved.

Sensitive room thermostats controlled by timers provide daily or weekly programming to ensure that the heating is only used when required.

Safe-t-CASSETTE Radiant Ceiling Heating Cassette

Safe-t-CASSETTE: Radiant Ceiling Heating

Safe-t-CASSETTE Ceiling Heating Module

The Safe-t-FLEX radiant ceiling heating system is not recommended for warehouses or other areas where very high ventilation rates can be present. The solution for such areas may be the use of ceiling mounted Safe-t-CASSETTEs.

Safe-t-CASSETTE heating cassettes are a development of traditional radiant ceiling heating. The radiant heating element is sealed in a steel casing and finished with white textured or satin finish paint.

Applications: Safe-t-CASSETTES can be used in difficult to heat areas, agricultural kennels, stables and farm buildings, commercial offices, shops, and store areas, industrial buildings and hospitals. It provides localised comfort levels.

Design Features:

  • Easy to install.
  • Installed via surface mounting suspension or simply integrated into a standard suspended ceiling grid system.
  • Two Sizes: 600 x 600 and 600 x 1200 mm.
  • Standard Cassettes are 300 or 600 Watts.
  • Radiant Panels can be up to 3 kW.
  • Controlled manually or by room thermostat.
  • Space saving. No loss of wall or floor space.

Download Installation Instructions.

EcoSun SB High-Output Radiant Ceiling Heating Panels

EcoSun SB Panels: High-Output Radiant Ceiling Heating

EcoSun Ceiling Heating Panels

EcoSun SB Panels are a new, high-output type of radiant ceiling heating panel that boast:

  • Rapid Heat Recovery
  • No Maintenance
  • Allergen Free

They are applicable for use in large commercial work areas that are difficult to heat. They are ideal for localised heating above a workstation and can be surface mounted with hidden brackets or suspended. Possible applications include alfresco dining, cafes, shops, sporting halls, gyms and agricultural buildings. Their power range is 0.9 kW to 3.6 kW

ECOSUN SB Panels can be used for heating Yoga Studios where 3.0 metre minimum ceiling height is available.

You can download installation instructions from the downloads page.


CBS Glass Panel and Marble Panel Heaters

CBS Glass Panel and Marble Panel Heaters with integrated wireless regulation These are radiant heating panels, made from 12 mm thick tempered safety glass, a heating element, limiting thermostat and supply cable. These panels are intended for use mainly in the heating of living spaces. However, a GRT type is also on offer, equipped with a chrome towel rail and intended specially for the heating of bathrooms.

You can download more information about the CBS Glass Heating Panels from the downloads page. CBS Marble Heating Panels are also available upon request.

CBS Glass and Marble Panel Heaters

CBS Glass and Marble Panel Heaters