Update on Using Underfloor Heating in Existing Suspended Wooden Floors

Update on Using Underfloor Heating in Existing Suspended Wooden Floors


Restoration of existing wooden floors has gained momentum over the last couple of decades. What can be more enhancing than the natural ambience of a polished wooden floor? A Heated Wooden Floor!

Now this may sound difficult, however, there is a simple approach providing you have access underneath your existing property. Fortunately, a percentage of owners have clearance and may even have cellar space below and are able to seriously consider installing an underfloor system.

Polyester Laminated Carbon Film only 0.3mm thin can be stapled along each edge, to the underside of the existing floor boards. The foil is available in a 40cm width to facilitate installation between the existing floor bearers or joists which are in most cases traditionally spaced at 450mm centres. The advantage associated with this material is the ability to be able to cut the foil to the lengths required using a pair of scissors. The foils have copper tape conductors running length wise and wires are then crimped onto one end of the foil in a daisy chain fashion to power the system up. The system is controlled using a probe sensor which is set up to limit the temperature at the floor to 27° Celsius thus preventing damage to the natural moisture content in the timber.

Insulation, usually Styrofoam or similar, is then offered up between the joists to enable the heat produced, to transfer through the flooring into the room above. Not only are you creating warmth like no other, you are also improving the energy efficiency of the house and saying goodbye to those cold draughts normally associated with these traditional floors.

Where owners are pulling timbers up from the bearers in order to restore/replace suspect timber flooring, it is simply a reversal of the above procedure. In this case, the insulation is installed first followed by the foils which are laid on top. The connections are performed and finally, the flooring reinstalled. An air gap between the boards and the foil makes no difference to the performance of the system.

The Dual Temperature control enables heating regulation to suit your daily lifestyle activities. The system will adjust the output to balance the internal temperature and turn off completely when the external conditions become mild.