In-Slab Heating

In-Slab Heating: Safe-t-SLAB Cables

Safe-t-SLAB in-slab heating

Safe-t-SLAB installation close up

The New Range of Safe-t-SLAB In Slab Heating Cables offer you better choices for your floor heating requirements. Choose either a single or twin conductor cable. See the In Slab Heating Selection page for more details.

Safe-t-SLAB: In-Slab Heating Cable

Safe-t-SLAB being deployed in-slab in residential Adelaide

In-Slab heating has never been easier with Safe-t-SLAB cables which come packaged in a coil complete with cold tails ready to install. Installation is performed by attaching the cable with ties direct to the slab reinforcing steel mesh prior to pouring the concrete. The Safe-t-SLAB in-slab heating cable is spaced at 200mm centers. Installation is simplified by the Twin Conductor Cable, which has a single cold tail at one end eliminating the need to return to the power supply source. For more information visit the In-Slab Heating Installation page.

Safe-t-FROST Cable is designed for the prevention of Frost Heave in the concrete floors of cold stores caused by condensation ultimately forming ice with resultant cracking of the floor. Specifications for installation can be made available from the client's plans and proposed cool room temperature range.