Ceiling Heating - FAQ

Below are answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked, if you have a question not covered below or something you are not sure about, ask us using the Contact Form.

Safe-t-FLEX: radiant ceiling heating

A roll of Safe-t-FLEX radiant ceiling heating carbon film

Q... "How simple is it to install?"

A... Installing Safe-t-FLEX is simple. Approximately 70% of the ceiling is covered between the joists with Safe-t-FLEX, which is rolled out and covered by 75 - 100 mm thick mineral fibre insulation batts.

Q... "Is it suitable for DIY?"

A... No, an Electrician will be required to install and make electrical connections.

Q... "Can you retro fit Safe-t-FLEX to an existing ceiling?"

A... Yes, providing there is access to the ceiling void.

Q... "Would I leave the system on, or keep turning it on and off?"

A... It has been proven, especially in nursing homes, that the most cost effective method is to keep the system on so the building remains constantly warm. Leaving the system on in this way is more effecient because energy we would save by turning the system off during the night is consumed again regenerating heat back into a cooled building at the very time when the external temperature is at its lowest (usually 5.30 - 6.00 am).

Q... "Is the system programmable?"

A... Definitely, this is one of the advantages this type of heating has over a ducted heating system. You can have room-by-room temperature control. We recommend the system be operated at 20 - 21 Degrees Celsius when you are in the building living your life and set back to 16 Degrees Celsius when you retire to bed. This minimises energy consumption.

Q... "What operating program do you suggest?"

A... A typical program depending on your lifestyle would be: Comfort setting 21 Degrees Celsius 6am - 10pm. Setback 16 Degrees Celsius 10pm - 10am. Once the external temperature rises to the thermostat setting the system will shut down automatically, conversely, when it gets cold the system kicks back in so you never know it's winter untill you step outside.

Q... "How much does it cost to run?"

A... Based on Perth's average electricity flat tariff of 12.67 cents per kW/hr, a 130 m2 building once warmed up, would cost about 22 cents/hr(*), so an average Living Room of 20m2 would cost about 3.8 cents/hr(*) once warmed up. (* Average running cost throughout winter based on the above operating program).

Q... "What are the maintenance requirements for Safe-t-FLEX?"

A... There is no maintenance required, as there are no moving parts, no noise, no pollution and no replacement costs. The system will still be operating in thirty years time.

Q... "How hot will the ceiling get?"

A... Safe-t-FLEX is designed so that the ceiling surface temperature will not exceed 42 Degrees Celcius. When the area has reached comfort level the system will "CYCLE" and ceiling temperatures will average 25 - 35 Degrees Celcius.

Q... "Can I regulate the temperature?"

A... Yes, a simple control dial allows you to turn the heat up or down. For more information see our Thermostat Controls section.

Q... "Are there any special wiring requirements?"

A... Safe-t-FLEX uses wiring harnesses protected by earth leakage circuit breakers (ELCB's) and a qualified electrician must make the electrical connections.

Q... "How long will it take to start to heat the room up?"

A... Generally within 30 minutes with a standard 10 mm thick Gyprok or Plaster Glass Ceiling, but may take longer with 12 mm thick Wood Ceilings.

Q... "Is Safe-t-FLEX suitable for use with thick wood ceilings?"

A... Generally, no ceiling heating system is recommended for wood thicker than 12 - 15 mm, as wood is an insulator, the heat does not penetrate thick woods.

Q... "Do I need any special adhesive?"

A... No the Safe-t-FLEX is not stuck down

Q... "Is there a guarantee?"

A... Safe-t-FLEX is backed by a manufacturer's 10 year guarantee and the Thermostat is guaranteed for two years from date of purchase.

Q... "Can I buy Safe-t-FLEX locally?"

A... No, it is only available via Mail order as we use a computerized heat loss program to work out the amount of Safe-t-FLEX required for heating each room of a building.

Q... "Can the ceiling heating be used as the only heat source?"

A... Yes, in general Safe-t-FLEX installed with a wattage density of 70 W/m2 would provide comfortable heating for an internal room of a well insulated house. If installed in a Conservatory a higher wattage density of 100 W/m2 to provide the extra heat during extreme cold periods may be required due to size, location and structure of the Conservatory.

Q... "Will my head feel hot or get sunburned?"

A... No, unlike the sun, Safe-t-FLEX produces radiant heat waves below the ultra violet frequency in the infrared spectrum. Radiant heat waves are attracted to surfaces that heat up (like the body of a car) so we don't have the problem of heated air, which rises, creating drafts associated with a convection system. The result is, a safe, gentle, even allergen free heat throughout the room or building.

Q... "Will Safe-t-FLEX expose me to the dangers of Electro-Magnetic Radiation?"

A... No, tests carried out by Curtin University illustrate radiation produced by Safe-t-FLEX to be well below the safe limits set by "The National Health and Medical Research Council" and also "The International Radiation Protection Association". You can download a copy of the test results from our Downloads section.